Full-stack web developer (CDI)

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Supermood makes people happy and engaged at work! ♥️👔

We develop a multi-tenant SaaS platform to analyze what really drive people in organizations, and how to respond to their needs. Thus, HR and top-managers can take better, people-related decisions, and employees feel better.

People analytics is a fun field, with everthing to re-invent. We mix design, data-science and magic to understand how employees live their onboarding, how they grow in their company, and how actions impact their engagement.

Supermood is VC-funded, accelerated by 50 Partners and NUMA, and we're growing faaaast! We're the first engagement platform in France (no kiddin'!), with clients like AXA, Total, SNCF, SUEZ, Showroomprivé, Frichti, etc. (70+ happy clients in total).

We are looking for people who are really motivated by our mission and want to spread the Supermood magic around the world. Join us!

Descriptif du poste

Supermood is growing faaaaast! And so does our product. The land of Human Ressources and engagement is a field of infinite possibilities. We can develop some complex code that models an abstracted layer of our data on sprint #1, and release a new feature to send cool cats GIFs on sprint #2. And guess what? We need you to help us do that!

We are looking for full-stack developers who know what they are doing and want to quickly ship and learn. If you want to participate to a very cool mission - we really make "the world a better place" - hit the "I want to join Supermood button" now!

Supermood’s Software Engineering goals:
We have a strong internal culture. Every “Mooder” knows his/her place and has a learning path. Our tech team has defined its own core values. We will explain them to you during the process.

  • We improve the state-of-the-art of cloud SaaS development
  • We make the release cycle (conception, development, tests, release, debug) easier, clearer, and less error-prone.
  • We leverage existing technologies and communities
  • We share our learnings with the community
  • We build for the long-term: support and maintenance in the long term is always accounted for.

Some stuff you could work on:

  • Implement cool data-visualizations made by our data-science and design teams
  • A system for customers to create and use custom email templates (front magic)
  • A wizard to import a company’s employees to Supermood with the right data and format (graceful error detection and handling)
  • A system to generate reports with our data and export them in PPTX : our reports need to be super-smart, super-flexible, and cross-products, it’s a big challenge.
  • Integrations with other SaaS products for automatic user import (Slack, Yammer)
  • Implementing OAuth and publishing our REST API with documentation so clients and partners can build integrations.

You will also have to maintain, debug and improve existing code, development procedures and tools. You will sometimes integrate new versions of our homepage, implement growth hacks, and build integrations between our application and Sales / Marketing tools. We develop internal tools to make our life easier - secret: it's the only thing where you don't have to care about pixel-perfect design or Internet Explorer compatibility...

Profil recherché

What we think is a good fit

  • Master of Science in computer engineering or similar diplomas. We couldn’t care less about the diploma itself, but we want you to have a solid ground in computer science - hint: copy/pasting from StackOverflow does not count as “solid ground”.
  • 3 years of experience in web software engineering
  • Strong knowledge of networks, distributed systems, data structures, algorithms, OOP and functional programming.
  • Demonstrated skills in web development design / QA / testing, TDD, network design, database design, microservices, multi-tenant services.
  • Flexibility in the technologies you use, and demonstrated ability to adapt to technical stacks you don’t know.
  • Willing to make people more engaged at work. We have strong values, and we want people around us to care about the mission.
  • Self-motivated. Our internal culture and the fact we’re a startup push us to learn at a quick pace.

What makes us say "Wow"

  • You have a deep understanding of programming paradigms and of at least one language. This almost means you can recite the spec’ by heart.
  • You have written a compiler and understood what you were doing. Or any other prowess of the same kind. Hell yeah!
  • You have experience implementing at-scale multi-tenant SaaS products.
  • You understand common security vulnerabilities. OWASP guidelines are common sense to you.
  • Eventually, you already know some of our existing technologies: Javascript (AngularJS, NodeJS), PHP (Laravel), Go, SQL, Compass, internet protocols (HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, OAuth, SAML), Docker, Google Cloud Platform, REST APIs.

Process de recrutement

  • You send us your CV
  • We ask you for your portfolio: code samples, design samples, StackOverflow profile, GitHub profile, etc;
  • 30min-1h Online-call technical interview.
  • At-home technical test: you have a few days to complete a technical test and send us the results.
  • 1h30-2h interview with the CTO and other Mooders (on-site) - technical review of your test followed by a more in-depth interview as well as a “human” interview: talk about culture, values, how you see yourself in the company, etc.
  • The beer test (get a beer/martini/wine/tea with the whole team)
  • Welcome to Supermood!

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Lieu : Paris, France (75002)
  • Niveau d'études : Bac +5 / Master
  • Expérience : > 2 ans
  • Salaire : entre 35000€ et 60000€ / an